The Initiative is a new game development studio located blocks from the beach in sunny Santa Monica, CA. Our Mission is to create ambitious and innovative game experiences that our audience will love. We are passionate about craft, creating stories, and building the next big thing in gaming.


We are a tight knit team of experienced creators bound by the desire to push the art of video games forward. We work in an inspirational space in Santa Monica where we can immerse ourselves in the creative process.

We are looking for collaborative problem solvers who want to dive into something new and create groundbreaking new gaming experiences for our players. Come join our team!

Person standing in front of giant screen at E3
June 18, 2018

Xbox is Playing to Win

IGN thinks The Initiative helped make Microsoft’s E3 announcement “arguably the best one ever.”
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E3 stage showing Game Pass image on video screen
June 16, 2018

Games That No One Else Is Making

VentureBeat spoke with Darrell Gallagher to learn what it takes to open a brand new…
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E3 stage with large Xbox logo on video screen
June 11, 2018

Microsoft is Getting Ready for the Next Xbox vs Playstation Console War

See why The Verge says Microsoft is playing the long game.
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